Title Training – Core & Competency Test
Statute or Rule 429.52(1-2) FS; 58A-5.0191(1) FAC

429.52 (1) Administrators and other assisted living facility staff must meet minimum training and education requirements established by the Department of Elderly Affairs by rule. This training and education is intended to assist facilities to appropriately respond to the needs of residents, to maintain resident care and facility standards, and to meet licensure requirements.
(2) The department shall establish a competency test and a minimum required score to indicate successful completion of the training and educational requirements. The competency test must be developed by the department in conjunction with the agency and providers. The required training and education must cover at least the following topics:
(a) State law and rules relating to assisted living facilities.
(b) Resident rights and identifying and reporting abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
(c) Special needs of elderly persons, persons with mental illness, and persons with developmental disabilities and how to meet those needs.
(d) Nutrition and food service, including acceptable sanitation practices for preparing, storing, and serving food.
(e) Medication management, recordkeeping, and proper techniques for assisting residents with self-administered medication.
(f) Firesafety requirements, including fire evacuation drill procedures and other emergency procedures.
(g) Care of persons with Alzheimer ‘ s disease and related disorders.

Staff Training Requirements and Competency Test.
(a) The assisted living facility core training requirements established by the department pursuant to Section 429.52, F.S., shall consist of a minimum of 26 hours of training plus a competency test.
(b) Administrators and managers must successfully complete the assisted living facility core training requirements within 3 months from the date of becoming a facility administrator or manager. Successful completion of the core training requirements includes passing the competency test. The minimum passing score for the competency test is 75%.
Administrators who have attended core training prior to July 1, 1997, and managers who attended the core training program prior to April 20, 1998, shall not be required to take the competency test. Administrators licensed as nursing home administrators in accordance with Part II of Chapter 468, F.S., are exempt from this requirement.
(c) Administrators and managers shall participate in 12 hours of continuing education in topics related to assisted living every 2 years as provided under Section 429.52, F.S.
(d) A newly hired administrator or manager who has successfully completed the assisted living facility core training and continuing education requirements, shall not be required to retake the core training. An administrator or manager who has successfully completed the core training but has not maintained the continuing education requirements will be considered a new administrator or manager for the purposes of the core training requirements and must:
1. Retake the assisted living facility core training; and
2. Retake and pass the competency test.
(e) The fees for the competency test shall not exceed $200. The payment for the competency test fee shall be remitted to the entity administering the test. A new fee is due each time the test is taken

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