Title Admissions – Admission Package
Statute or Rule 58A-5.0181(3) FAC; 400.0078(2)

(3) ADMISSION PACKAGE. (a) The facility must make available to potential residents a written statement(s) that includes the following information listed below. A copy of the facility resident contract or facility brochure containing all the required information must meet this requirement.
1. The facility ‘ s admission and continued residency criteria;
2. The daily, weekly or monthly charge to reside in the facility and the services, supplies, and accommodations provided by the facility for that rate;
3. Personal care services that the facility is prepared to provide to residents and additional costs to the resident, if any;
4. Nursing services that the facility is prepared to provide to residents and additional costs to the resident, if any;
5. Food service and the ability of the facility to accommodate special diets;
6. The availability of transportation and additional costs to the resident, if any;
7. Any other special services that are provided by the facility and additional cost if any;
8. Social and leisure activities generally offered by the facility;
9. Any services that the facility does not provide but will arrange for the resident and additional cost, if any;
10. The facility rules and regulations that residents must follow as described in Rule 58A-5.0182, F.A.C.;
11. The facility policy concerning Do Not Resuscitate Orders pursuant to Section 429.255, F.S. and Rule 58A-5.0186, F.A.C., and Advance Directives pursuant to Chapter 765, F.S.
12. The facility ‘ s residency criteria for residents receiving extended congregate care services if the facility also has an extended congregate care license; and a description of the additional personal, supportive, and nursing services provided by the facility; additional costs; and any limitations, if any, on where extended congregate care residents must reside based on the policies and procedures described in Rule 58A-5.030, F.A.C.;
13. If the facility advertises that it provides special care for individuals with Alzheimer ‘ s disease and related disorders, a written description of those special services as required in Section 429.177, F.S.; and
14. The facility ‘ s resident elopement response policies and procedures. (b) Before or at the time of admission, the resident, responsible party, guardian, or attorney-in-fact, if applicable, must be provided with the following: 1. A copy of the resident ‘ s contract that meets the requirements of Rule 58A-5.025, F.A.C.;
2. A copy of the facility statement described in paragraph (a) of this subsection if one has not already been provided; 3. A copy of the resident ‘ s bill of rights as required by Rule 58A-5.0182, F.A.C.; and
4. A Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program brochure that includes the telephone number and address of the district office. (c) Documents required by this subsection must be in English. If the resident is not able to read, or does not understand English and translated documents are not available, the facility must explain its policies to a family member or friend of the resident or another individual who can communicate the information to the resident.

(2) Upon admission to a long-term care facility, each resident or representative of a resident must receive information regarding the purpose of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, the statewide toll-free telephone number for receiving complaints, information that retaliatory action cannot be taken against a resident for presenting grievances or for exercising any other resident right, and other relevant information regarding how to contact the program. Each resident or his or her representative must be furnished additional copies of this information upon request.

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